Attention: Do you suffer from a troubling illness?  If so, then you've come to the right place.  

News: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know?!

James Wandler - Master healer

James Wandler - Master healer

YES, It Is Possible To Get Miracle Healing And Reward Yourself With A Happy And Healthy Life From Master Healer James Wandler!

For Only US$99 Per Illness I'm Going To Teach You My New Simple, Step-By-Step System (Try FREE Before You Buy) That Will Have You Quickly Living And Loving Your Life Again, FREE OF SUFFERING.

There Are No Visits, No Appointments, No Painful Surgery, No Mumbo Jumbo, And Not Even Belief Is Required Although Belief Does Help!

In fact maybe some of the following sounds familiar to you, too:

  • Addiction is damaging your relationships and your self-esteem. You've hurt family and friends.  You've disappointed yourself.  You've traded important things in your life so that you could use more.  You've lived a double life.  You've seen the hurt in your family's eyes, and the disappointment in your children's faces.  It is time to make a change and begin to heal.
  • Anxiety causes your heart to race and make your whole body shake and your belly to flip.  Your face heats up, your neck starts to hurt, you feel a little dizzy.  Your breathing is heavy and your palms and scalp start to sweat.  You feel a tidal wave of dread and grief and worry.
  • Cancer leaves you wondering how to fund your remaining months or years.  Chemotherapy leaves a constant state of worry of how you are doing not to mention nausea, clinical fatigue, chemo brain, numbness in your hands and feet and sores in your mouth.  You wonder how much pain you will be in towards the end.
  • Depression makes it hard for you to get out of bed.  You don't feel hopeful or happy about anything in your life.  You are crying a lot.  You feel like you are moving in slow motion.  Carrying on a normal conversation is a struggle.  You have a feeling like something bad is going to happen.  Everything seems cloudy and gray even on a sunny day.
  • Diabetes leaves you with fluctuating blood sugar levels given inadequate nutritional advice broadly disseminated or you have difficulty sticking to a proper diet.  If you have controlled your blood sugar levels you are preventing the life-threatening conditions but live with a highly restricted diet.  If you have fluctuating blood sugar levels or you'd like to broaden your diet  consider getting healing of the underlying causes.

These are some of the illnesses that can be healing with Miracle Healing - As Powerful As God.  Discover yours in the list below:

All Addictions                              ADHD                                     All Allergies                                 Alzheimer's  

Anxiety                                         Asthma                                  Autism High Functioning            Autism Medium Functioning 

Autism Low Functioning              Bad Back / Neck                   Bipolar / Mood                            High Blood Pressure

Cancer                                          Celiac                                    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome        Chronic Pain  

Cold Hands / Feet                       Colitis                                    Crohn's                                        Dementia  

Depression                                 Diabetes                                Digestion issues                          Eating Disorders  

Female Problems                       Fibromyalgia                         Heart and Stroke                          Hepatitis 

Lupus                                          Lyme Disease                       Multiple Sclerosis MS                  Organ Health      

Osteoarthritis                              Ostomies                              Overweight / Obesity                   Parkinson's     

Phobias                                      PTSD                                     Rheumatoid Arthritis                     Sexual Problems 

Sleep Disorders                         Stress                                    Suicide Risks                                Urinary Tract Infection

peaceful healing

peaceful healing

If you are sick and tired of struggling here's something you should know about.  Imagine being free of suffering and free of your illness living a happy and healthy life.  This can be all yours if you check out this two step system of getting Free Healing - As Powerful As God and then getting the Miracle Healing you desire at an affordable price.

James Wandler - Master Healer

Hello, my name is James Wandler and I qualified as a CPA in 1995 after earning a Four Year Bachelor of Science Honors Chemistry Degree followed by two more years of university for accounting and business courses.  I have worked as an accountant for a CPA firm and three Fortune 500 companies in two countries for over fifteen years.

I became a farmer of Highland Cattle for a short time and began my spiritual path seven days a week in January 2010, six and a half years ago.  I have developed a quick and effective healing system for your illness.  I am a Master Healer.

My Spiritual Journey

On my journey I suffered fear where I could only sleep for three hours before being awoken to ongoing hateful negative voices saying horrible threats that I couldn't stop.  I thought I was going out of my mind.  I saw shadows pass over my books while I read at night and I was terrified.  I was able to get the voices to stop but I was low on energy for years. People thought I was a zombie because I was struggling so much just to speak my mind.  I've seen shadowy wraiths like the Nazgul in the movies The Lord of The Rings and once I saw an AFEC BA ACA which is like the worst demon you've ever imagined with long finger like claws and grimy black fingernails.

perfect technology

perfect technology

I believed that my answers lay in pursuing my spiritual path and I began to talk to God for Guidance.  God lead me down many paths which served as tests for myself.  I passed those tests in November 2013 where my mind was clear and my health dramatically improved. I was like my old self again but a changed person from my spiritual tests.

In December 2013 I started writing Prayers under God's Guidance that were one to eight pages long that built a Healing Technology.  I would repeat these Prayers over and over again.  Eventually I recorded these Prayers on my phone and played them back to myself while I wore headphones and meditated.  I could feel sensations in my body that would tell me how they were working.  As I Prayed in this way my Powers grew and in April 2014 I started healing other people and removing Evil from them.

Layers and Layers of Evil 

I realized that we are all entangled in layers and layers of Evil that the vast majority can't detect but that lead to illnesses and declining health.  This Evil comes from those causing us harm for their own benefit.  I realized that I have a natural talent for healing that draws on the Power of God and that the Prayers were amplifying this natural talent.

As Powerful As God Was Born

Finally the new Miracle Healing Technology - As Powerful As God was declared by God to be born on July 31, 2016.  It had taken over 1,500 Prayers and thousands and thousands of hours to complete this Technology.

This is the achievement of my life long dream of wanting to end suffering on the planet.  I believe that your suffering will end when you get Miracle Healing - As Powerful As God.  You can help your family and friends through the Angels of God Referral Program.  Together we can help eliminate suffering on the planet.


If you want Miracle Healing - As Powerful As God for yourself then you'll love discovering the two step system.  This system heals your illness and ends suffering so that you live a happy and healthy life.

Here's a sampling of what you'll get from discovering Miracle Healing - As Powerful As God:

benefits of healing

benefits of healing

  • When you put illness behind you you'll be able to focus on your job and in your business and be able to bring in more money.
  • You'll feel like a million bucks and you'll want to share As Powerful As God with your family and friends through the Angels of God Referral Program.
  • From the moment you get the Miracle Healing you'll feel relief like you've never felt before.
  • Imagine the look on their faces when you share the wonders of this Miracle Healing and what it has done for you.
  • You won't have to suffer any longer.
  • Your symptoms of illness will disappear.
  • And More.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether living with your current illness is worse than the fear of spending money to fix it now?  Or are you not quite ready for the solution?


Here is the two step system to get Miracle Healing - As Powerful As God for yourself to heal your illness and end suffering so that you can live a happy and healthy life.

Step One:  

You earn step one by experiencing Free Healing - As Powerful As God saying:

"For A Short Time I Am Receiving Healing From James Wandler."

The Healing begins instantly and comes automatically from myself and God. The Healing experience is unique for you.  (Value: Priceless).

beautiful healing

beautiful healing

Step Two:  

Once you are satisfied with the Healing - As Powerful As God you earn step two by clicking the button below and getting Miracle Healing - As Powerful As God for the illness you desire to heal.  The amount for healing your illness is only US$99 per illness.  I guarantee results or give you your money back after three months.  

God carries out the healing with the highest and greatest benefit to yourself.  The healing is designed with this knowledge in mind. There is no greater healer than God.

The Miracle Healing begins instantly after payment and comes automatically from myself and God.  The Miracle Healing comes to you wherever you are with no visits, no appointments, no painful surgery, no mumbo jumbo, and not even belief is required although belief does help.  (Value: Priceless).

Healing For Family Members Or Family Pets:  

You can get Miracle Healing - As Powerful As God for any family member you like and for any family pet.  The amount for healing the person`s or pet`s illness you want to heal is only US$99 per illness.  I guarantee results or give you your money back after three months.  (Value: Priceless).


Medical treatment that isn't covered by health insurance can cost many tens of thousands of dollars.  Procedures can be painful and may not address underlying causes so that health doesn't actually improve.

Other healers may eventually give you a result with their treatment but it may not be for the illness you desire healing for. Effective healers can charge hundreds of dollars for a single session and many months of such sessions could be required resulting in costs of many thousands of dollars over time.  

By contrast, I guarantee results or give you your money back after three months.  The price is only US$99 per illness.  


"I was having difficulty staying asleep and often had a general feeling of restlessness. The first night James began his ATAY healing for me, I slept 9 hours straight ! Since, I have had no problems falling and staying asleep. I find it funny that people believe in prayer yet when it works they become doubters....healing only becomes selective if you are. Thanks James....your sincerity is authentic, as is your truth. In the words of James Brown "I feel good !" " - Shelley Buffitt

Someone reported a reduction in depression and pain.

Someone with declining health recovered and became more calm.

"I have lost 41 pounds in the past seven months with markedly less food cravings and an improvement in digestive issues.  I'm now mostly eating only when I'm hungry." - James Wandler

Act Now:

Step One for Free Healing - As Powerful As God by saying:

"For A Short Time I Am Receiving Healing From James Wandler."

Step Two for Miracle Healing - As Powerful As God Is Only US$99 Per Illness.  

Step Two begins instantly and automatically from myself and God once you act now.

Healing Per Illness

US Dollars - Click Add To Cart And Select Number Of Illnesses When Checking Out At Top Right - No Need To Specify Illnesses - God Knows What And For Whom The Healing Is Desired

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james wandler - master healer

james wandler - master healer


I'm sure that you realize that if you don't have your health you don't have anything.  That's why Miracle Healing is Priceless.


For every US$99 received micro-finance earns US$9 as my way of creating more prosperity so that those with the least access to money can get business opportunities that benefit them the most.  I am happy to share my blessings.

To your Miracle Healing - As Powerful As God!


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